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6 Bali Wedding Chapel Recommendation with Ocean Views For Your Wedding Ceremony

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If you are looking for Bali Wedding Chapel recommendations, there is no better spot than the one with ocean views within. Even in traditional views of Balinese, water is highly regarded as the symbol of life and fertility.

A wedding is not just a recital of life commitment, but also a spiritual ceremony in hope of happiness and prosperity. Hence, some couples see Bali Wedding Chapel as a perfect place for the tying of two souls.

Bali Wedding Chapel Recommendation

1. Infinity Chapel (Conrad Bali, Nusa Dua)

Infinity Chapel (Conrad Bali)

Infinity Chapel (Instagram/Agusm Photography)

This asymmetric chapel is a perfect balance between modern and spiritual approach for your wedding. Built in the middle of a reflection pool with a marble path, giving sacred feels for your ceremony since the aisle.

After walking down the path and reaching the altar, you are facing the stunning ocean views. To lay it on thick, even God of Sea seems to be witnessing your wedding.

Accommodating up to 60 people, Infinity Chapel on Conrad Bali comes with 2 packages with fireworks display and fire dance performance in both. Making your wedding ceremony more memorable in twinkling sparks of fire and hopes.

For more details Infinity Chapel, click here.

2. Dewa Dewi Chapel (Anantara Resort, Uluwatu)


Dewa Dewi Chapel (Anantara Resort)

A glass-paneled Chapel comes with every facility available on Anantara Resort itself, located on top of the cliffs of Bali southern coast. Anantara Resort served as a sanctuary with the natural beauty of Bali, matching its epithet as an Island of the Gods.

Wedding ceremony at Dewa Dewi Chapel could comes with more complete package. From evening cocktails to a banquet and dinner for 150 guests, also included 2 nights stay served as honeymoon.

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3. Blue Point Chapel (Blue Point Bay Villas, Uluwatu)

Blue Point Chapel (Blue Point Bay Villas)

Blue Point Chapel (Blue Point Bay Villas)

Another chapel located atop of the cliffs in Uluwatu, characterized as luxury villas with dramatic blue of ocean views across the horizon. Blue Point Bay Villas is a perfect place if you prefer a more westernized building. And with a slight touch of traditional Balinese ceremony.

One of their wedding package provides everything about Balinese ceremonial wedding: dress, make-up and hair-do in Balinese style; and traditional Balinese musical instrument and dance performance. It serves up to 40 guests, and as a villa probably served as your honeymoon destination all at once.

For more details Blue Point Chapel, click here.

4. Bulgari Chapel (Bulgari Resort Bali, Uluwatu)

Bulgari Chapel (Bulgari Resort Bali)

Bulgari Chapel (Bulgari Resort Bali)

If you carved for the uniqueness of a place, there is nothing to be considered more than The Bulgari Chapel. Bulgari chapel is the first wedding chapel in the world built from the Paras Kerobokan stone. A traditional kind of local sedimentary stone-craft.

A massive wall of Kerobokan stone separates the resort from the chapel making it one of the most unique wedding venues in the world. Inside, the chapel volcanic floor ends with a glass window facing down the ocean that can be opened, putting the gentle breeze in.

5. Mirage Wedding Chapel (Grand Mirage Resort, Nusa Dua)

Mirage Wedding Chapel (Grand Mirage Resort)

Mirage Wedding Chapel (Grand Mirage Resort)

If your dream wedding is an outdoor ceremony, Mirage Wedding Chapel is your perfect destination. Due to its construction in semi-open air. There is nothing prevent your ceremony from the shining sun, the ocean breeze and its smell in the air.

Mirage Wedding Chapel constructed as a simple triangle-shape of transparent glass. It’s represents the sacred trinity of human, nature, and God in traditional views. You can choose a traditional Balinese decoration as in your wedding package. Additional, add 2 nights stay at Grand Mirage resort as your honeymoon destination.

6. Cloud Nine Chapel (St Regis Bali, Nusa Dua)

Cloud Nine Chapel (St Regis Bali)

Cloud Nine Chapel (St Regis Bali)

For some wedding cultures around the world, culinary is the most important aspect served to the guest, as a symbol of gratitude. For that matter, Cloud Nine Chapel of St. Regis Bali needs serious consideration.

The chapel construction itself resembles traditional protestant chapels in Europe, built in the middle of a pond facing the beautiful ocean of Nusa Dua.

St. Regis Bali provided gastronomic experiences with a variety of reception options, including Balinese suckling pig (Babi Guling Bali) or all sorts of Western and Asian cuisine. Furthermore, you can choose wedding package that serves. Wedding toast with a cocktail or a one-night stay in a St. Regis Suite with a romantic breakfast. Another options are honeymoon spa and  romantic dinner for the couple at the Kayuputi restaurant.

There are recommendations you need to consider if a wedding chapel is a suitable place for you to say: “I do!” in Bali. By all means, to catch your sacred wedding at such beautiful Bali Wedding chapels we have recommended, recognized wedding photographer certainly needed.

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