Outdoor Prewedding Tips

6 Outdoor Prewedding Tips for your Dreamy Memories

Journal by PhotobyLocal

Outdoor prewedding is two-sided coin. On one side it is fabulous result and experience if it is executed perfectly. On the other side, it could be a disaster.

You could play it safe by choosing an outdoor setting facilitated by the indoor venue, semi-outdoor one. You could choose a not so remote outdoor spot. Or you can go full adventurous catching a glimpse of mountains, lakes, ocean, and so on in your wedding photo session.

Either way, there are some general tips for outdoor prewedding session you need to consider. We will give you some, so you would not never let the lack of preparation ruin your sacred session.

Outdoor Prewedding Tips

1. Adjust to Your Adventure Mindset

Prewedding at Waterfall

Spot like Waterfall Could be Your Choice (Photobylocal)

The first thing you need to do before planning an outdoor prewedding is asking how adventurous you are. There is no sense of doing an adventurous outdoor prewedding session when you are not into that adventurous trip to begin with. To play it safe, if you are not into nature recreation to begin with, don’t go to somewhere so remote.

Prewedding is not just a photo session, but the trip itself.

There are so many safe outdoor prewedding spot, like in urban area, or indoor venue that have private nature recreation to choose.

If you are looking for looking for that kind of prewedding outdoor spot in Jakarta, we have our recommendation for you here.

2. Research Your Destination

Hidden gem is actually just a headline. Believe me, every spot that is suitable for outdoor prewedding is not that hard to research.

You can begin with the internet, and then the professional that works around tourist or photo sessions. There are several things to search for like the price, accessibility, best time to take a shoot, photoshoot facility like changing/make-up room, and so on.

Take a look at some article like this “7 Bali Prewedding Hidden Gem Spots” here. Don’t forget to take references from several sources.

3. Worry the Season, Set the Right Time

Set the Right Time (Photobylocal)

The main reason for you to consider about outdoor prewedding ceremony is the weather. Especially for those of you who do not live in a tropical country, the season is kinda unpredictable.

Then, you also need to set the right time according to your outdoor prewedding spot. Whether it is sunrise, sunset, sunny, cloudy, or even night, every outdoor spot has a special occasion to take a photo around.

4. Customize the Outfit, Bring Some Spares

Your pre-wedding outfit ought to adjust appropriately with your settings. First thing first, it has to adjust the outdoor ambience for the best photos to be taken.

Next, it has to adjust the state of prewedding outdoors itself. You don’t want to wear high heels if you take a shot at the beach, or a long skirt at the waterfall.

The most easiest is choosing casual outfit for your outdoor prewedding session. If you are interested in that kind of idea, take a look at our article about “Casual Prewedding Outfit Ideas” here.

Last, bring a spare for unforeseen circumstances. Or some helpful gear for some circumstances like a jacket.

5. Bring More Money

For some tourist attractions that are often used for outdoor prewedding photo sessions, there are different prices of entrance for ordinary recreation and for photo sessions. And the difference is huge.

Another case is there are some spots that annually don’t have any entrance fee. But when it comes to photo sessions, there is some retribution to pay. So just try to bring more cash.

6. Choose Your Organizer Wisely

The most important tips that would define your whole photo session is to choose your prewedding organizer wisely. You could choose a complete organizer in terms of venue, make-up, dressing, and photographer.

But for some obvious reason, we suggest you just go for professional agency experienced in outdoor prewedding session and knows the area well.

After all, either the make-up or outfit for prewedding session is not as complex as the wedding one. Let those be set by yourself.

After planning an area to be your outdoor prewedding session, accumulate some spots to be taken. Then go to your chosen professional photographers for some suggestions, warning, and more ideas. A professional photography agency will gladly discuss your outdoor prewedding plan.

And if you are looking for an agency that could do as much, Photobylocal could be your choice. Tell us about your idea by clicking here, let us discuss your outdoor prewedding plan!