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7 Bali Prewedding Hidden Gem Spots

Journal by PhotobyLocal

Bali Prewedding is just not about the ocean and beach. Although the most beautiful and photogenic places in Bali are related to water, some of them not only can be found on the edge of the Island of Gods.

Even more, there are other natural beauties in Bali that suitable for prewedding photo session. It exists as hidden gems, lying in every corner of Bali as secondary tourist destinations.

If you are looking for that kind of spot for your Bali Prewedding destination, we will cover it for you. Our recommendation of Bali prewedding in hidden gem spots that you should consider.

Bali Prewedding Hidden Gem

1. Tamblingan Lake, Buleleng

Bali Prewedding at Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake (Maxtu Photo)

Our first destination is a lake that is surrounded by many temples, as the center of religious value in Bali. Despite not being as famous as the beaches, Tamblingan Lake is still a famous tourist destination in Bali for its spiritual ambience.

Therefore, if you consider the most traditional approach as your perfect prewedding set, there are no spots to give you more than Tambiling Lake. Rent a small boat, take photos in the middle of the lake with temples, forests, and mountains as background. Sacred Bali Prewedding set up.

2. Taman Ujung Water Palace, Karangasem

Sacred Palace at Karangasem

Taman Ujung Water Palace (Studio 8 Bali)

Not moving from a sacred building, we have Taman Ujung Water Palace in our Bali Prewedding spots list. The difference is Taman Ujung Water Palace is more of a modernized mixed-architecture palace with a peaceful pond and garden.

Still, the ambience it had created magical fairy tales look alike for you Bali prewedding photos. It is also equipped with useful facilities like changing and make-up rooms, and boats to rent.

3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Bangli

Bali Prewedding Waterfall Spot

Tukad Cepung Waterfall (Bali Pixtura)

Waterfalls are also natural features that exist in Bali, as beautiful as other natural beauties it has. Going a little further to a remote place in Bangli, we got Tukad Cepung Waterfall.

Set in a high cliffs location, this waterfall has every tropical waterfall beauty in its element. The sunlight sneaking in through the cliff and forest gap creates magical lightning in the hand of professional photographers.

4. Mangrove Forest, Kuta

Mangrove Forest in Kuta

Mangrove Forest (Bali Pixtura)

Another spot that still implements water elements in its beauty is Mangrove Forest of Kuta. You can set your pose on a long wooden bridge with a green and beautiful Mangrove as background.

If you still consider the ocean as your main destination for Bali Prewedding, this spot might be a perfect complement. Walk through until the end of the bridge, you will end up to the blue view of Benoa Bay.

5. Marigold (Gumitri Garden), Badung

Marigold Bali Prewedding

Gumitri Garden (OneThreeOneFour)

Moving from water as the core of a venue, the yellow marigold garden of Gumitri is a wise choice of Bali prewedding spot. This garden is fulfilled with hues of yellow, orange, and gold flowers stretching in the huge field owned by the domestic farmers.

Considering the flowers bloom at the beginning of every month, you can schedule your photo session whenever you might. As long as the weather is sunny, to match the ambience it creates.

6. Padang Bunga Kasna, Karangasem

Edelweiss Garden

Padang Bunga Kasna (Kompas/Putu Reza)

Besides marigold, Bali also has Edelweiss for you to choose as Bali prewedding spot. Padang Bunga Kasna is located in the valley of Mount Agung, 2 hours trip from the capital city of Bali.

Edelweiss itself, referred to as the “flower of eternity”, symbolized suitable hope for your sacred wedding to come. Its gray ambience gives nothing but aesthetic vibe to you photos.

7. Savana Caldera Batur, Bangli

Savana Caldera at Batur Valley

Savana Caldera Batur (Diktat Photography)

Mount Batur Savana Caldera is another near-mountain spot you should consider for your Bali Prewedding spot. The brownish ambience from natural savana and rock has an authentic volcanic mountain vibe.

Either in sunrise, sunset, or even cloudy weather, you can create such charming natural Bali Prewedding photos around.

There are our recommendations of hidden gem spots for your Bali prewedding photo session. Bali indeed is rich with natural beauties spread all around the island.

Consider yourself needing a professional hand to capture that very beautiful scenery of Bali. An experienced agency for outdoor prewedding like Photobylocal can provide you as much.

Tell us about your Bali prewedding vision here, and let us make it come true!