maternity photoshoot in bali

7 Unique Tips for Maternity Photoshoot in Bali

Journal by PhotobyLocal

Maternity photoshoots began to be widely discussed and became an interesting genre of photography. Maternity photos are often taken by pregnant women, where they want to capture the moment before giving birth. In this photo, we will focus on showing the beauty of a pregnant woman as a sign of love and affection. The beauty obtained in a maternity photo will be supported by choosing the right photo location. As an island full of love, Bali has many spots that you can choose for pre-wedding photos, intimate wedding venues to family photoshoots. For this reason, you will get beautiful photos if you do a maternity photoshoot in Bali.

However, you also have to prepare a few things before doing a maternity photoshoot to get the best results.

These Are Tips We Suggest Before Doing Maternity Photos!

Set the Theme

maternity photoshoot in bali

You can choose the theme you want according to the expectations of the maternity photography that you are doing. We will suggest 3 themes, namely casual, natural and fun themes. If you are bored with casual, you can choose a fun theme.

This is one of our clients who chose a fun theme. We did indoor maternity in the studio. The father draws on the mother’s stomach to symbolise that the child will soon come to colour the world.

Choose the location 

If you decide to have an outdoor session, the beach, meadow or park can be a place to take pictures. Prioritise choosing a quiet place so that you are free to express yourself and feel comfortable. The beautiful location doesn’t matter if you don’t feel comfortable there. Another option is indoor; you can do it at home or rent a villa. If you want to have an indoor session at home, you can start planning which room to use and whether to set it up specifically for this session.

You can also ask us for advice on suitable places to do maternity photoshoot in Bali.

Great Time for Maternity Photos

Photos that focus on pregnant women’s bellies should be done at the age of 7-8 months of pregnancy. The stomach already looks big, but it’s not too heavy, so you can try various poses and undergo a long maternity photoshoot in Bali. However, if your fetus is detected by twins, you can start taking maternity photos in the second trimester.

However, you must know the conditions. This is the reason to make you are comfortable while doing maternity photos.


The most recommended maternity photo poses are hands like stroking the stomach or fingers forming a heart in front of an enlarged stomach.

Standing in front of a light source and standing sideways to form a silhouette of a pregnant woman’s body is also a lot of work. Not only sideways 90 degrees, 45 degrees too.

Leaning against a wall or against a tree may relieve some of the fatigue from standing.

In addition, you can also sit if you can make it more comfortable. Or laying down on a blanket spread out on the floor and had us shoot from above.

Preparation Is Important

It’s important not to feel rushed to prepare maternity photos. So, set aside plenty of time to prepare. This is to anticipate that nothing will be forgotten and make this photo session even more chaotic.

You can note what is needed when taking maternity photos and check back after all the preparations are done.

Family as a Complementary Photo

Who says maternity photos only show pregnant women as the photo’s subject? To not be boring and produce warmer photos, you can invite your small family or husband in maternity photos.

Ask your husband to hug you from behind or kiss your forehead. If this is not your first pregnancy, hold your first child or ask him to kiss your belly. Have a pet? Just invite them into the frame!

Photo Properties

When choosing a studio, house or villa as the main location for photos, use the right properties to add the mood of the maternity shoot to make it more live. Use minimalist properties such as benches, flowers, or cloth for photo backgrounds.

But you can choose only one property because the main purpose of a maternity shoot is to make the mother-to-be the centre of attention.

We hope these tips can be useful for those of you who are pregnant and planning a maternity photoshoot.

Don’t hesitate to contact us as your photographer; we will provide the best advice and service for your beautiful moment with your prospective baby.