Your Team of awesome and weirdo (yes, we’re bit quirky yet friendly) photographer that can make a unique photos with incredible human touch.

We moved to Bali lately and this city instantly captured our heart. How the people treat eachother, how the beautiful soul captured in every human being, and how Jogja makes us feelmore ‘Human’. So we want you to experience what we felt through our works.

Don’t worry we won’t bite. You came from another side of the universe? Chill. We can hang out well that you felt like we’ve been a best friend since forever! Trust us, there will be no awkward moments.

We’re young, wild and passionate with our collaboration. Tell us what you want and we will make your story magnificent in a freestyle way (Sure, we can explore things cause we’re not afraid to learn something new)

So share your story with us and let’s collaborate to make your dream photoshoot session. To Infinity and Beyond!