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7 Bali Engagement Location Ideas for Your Proposal

Journal by PhotobyLocal

There better engagement locations than Bali engagement location. When you have a trip to Bali with your loved one, there is always a big temptation to ask, “will you marry me?” No wonder, such a beautiful place like Bali brings happiness like no other place.

So why don’t you set Bali as your engagement location from the start. And here we will give you 7 Bali engagement location ideas. Choose the one that suits your style more, and set it as one of your destinations when you trip there with your loved-one.

Bali Engagement Location Ideas

1. Beach

Beach Bali Engagement Location

Beach as your Bali Engagement Location (Photobylocal)

The most obvious one, of course, is the beach proposal. It also served as the main selling point of Bali for obvious reasons. But there is more reason than its beauty as a proposal destination. Balinese tradition has a high regard for water as a symbol of life and fertility.

St. Regis Resort and Ayodya Resort Bali is an example of a perfect proposal spot, since it has private access to the beach. If you prefer a more budget-friendly destination, there are also spots like Melasti Beach to consider.

2. Sea Hill/Cliff Beach

Sea Hill or Cliff Beach Proposal

Sea Hill or Cliff Beach Proposal (Bali Proposal)

Sand beach is not your only option for a perfect proposal spot. A sea hill or cliff beach is also there to consider. The best spot you could get are there in Nusa Penida

Some spots like Kelingking Beach and Devil’s Tears would be a perfect choice. A thrilling surprise spot for your surprise proposal.

3. Sea Side

Private Jetty in Bali

Private Jetty in Bali (AYANA Resort and Spa)

How about we tell you that the sea itself is a perfect proposal spot. Don’t worry, no swimming needed.

Private jetty at Ayana Resort & Spa can set your proposal at the sea. At the end of the 30 meters pier, there is a beautiful table set up with bamboo xylophones. Another option for sea proposals is a private yacht from Tropical Yacht Charters.

4. Waterfall

Waterfal Bali Engagement Location

Waterfall as your Bali Engagement Location (Photobylocal)

Moving from the sea, Bali also has some magical waterfalls for your proposal spot. There is Tukad Cepung Waterfall, with a stunning cliff and forest, serves as your magical background beside the waterfall. There is also Blangsinga/Tegelungan Waterfall that serves a good facility for photoshoot sessions. Another waterfall like Sekumpul, Tibumana, or Nungnung are also there to consider.

5. Mountain

Mountain Engagement

Mountain Engagement (Imuninen)

If you are considering mountain vibes as your best proposal spot, there is no better option in Bali than Mount Batur. It will serve you right as there are so many spots around Mount Batur that give you natural beauty. From Savana Caldera to the hills around, Mount Batur is full of stunning volcanic mountain vibes.

6. Rice Field

Unique Proposal SpotBelieve us that such a place like Rice Fields in Bali could become a perfect proposal spot for you. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is your best bet when it comes to the beautiful green rice field when it sunrise.

7. Temple

Engagement Near The Temple

Engagement Near The Temple (Maxtu Photo)

Our last idea is to propose in the most spiritual place in Bali itself, the temple. This spot is your best choice if you really consider marriage as a sacred ritual. Some of the best temples in Bali are built on the lakeside, just like what we told you before, Balinese people have a high regard for water.

The Tamblingan Lake is one of them, creating a spiritual ambience which you can go around by boat. The Floating Temple at Batur Lake is also a solid choice.

There we have our ideas for your Bali engagement location, either for an engagement or surprise proposal. To fully complete the ideas, we suggest you hire professional photographers. Moreover if your plan is a surprise proposal,  the photographers must could work in paparazzi style.

Of course, you want your proposal to remain a complete surprise. You can hire the photographer for a “normal” photoshoot with your partner, while letting the photographer know beforehand about your secret proposal plan. Or, you set the photographer to wait at the designated spot, secretly capturing the moment.

And if you are looking for a photographer team that could do that task, consider Photobylocal as your choice. Click here and let us know what your plan is!

All you have to do is focus on your script. Bend the knee, tell her/him, “Will you marry me?”, and let the rest be done by us.