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Bali has charm as a tourist destination from various countries in the world. This attraction is a wealth of nature, art, and culture rooted deep in every island corner. Bali is a paradise on earth where you can find beautiful beach sunsets, sunrises on the mountains, green rice fields, and typical local culture. This is what attracts couples who want to get married or capture Bali Photoshoot moments on the Island of Gods.

Plan Your Bali Photoshoot Dream with Photo by Local     

Are you also interested in planning a pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot in Bali? If so, here are some things you should know before taking your pre-wedding photos in Bali. Such as the concept of your desired pre-wedding photo, your budget, and information about the best pre-wedding locations in Bali can be used as a pre-wedding photo.

Here is our recommendation for the 7 most captivating photo spots in Bali!

1. Black Lava of Batur Mountain

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Batur Mountain is part of UNESCO Global Geopark located northeast of Bali island. Best known for the glorious sunrise view, sometimes along with the misty fog rolling down through the valley. The uniqueness of Mount Batur is that there are several spots in the area; one of the favorites is Black Lava which is in the caldera of Mount Batur. To get the best moment to take pictures in the black lava of Mount Batur, it is 6-7 am, so you have to be prepared to get up early because it takes about 2 hours to reach this area. Then after Black Lava, we can go to the nearby Savanna meadow or Pine Forest.

Best Time: 6 – 7 am

Dress Code: a simple wedding dress paired with a formal suit or casual attire.

Entrance fee: IDR 250K

2. Melasti Beach

melasti beach
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Melasti Beach is very famous with many couples who are doing pre-wedding. We don’t want to miss it to be our recommendation because Melasti Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali with a variety of dramatic natural attractions.

Melasti Beach is famous for its iconic sunsets and cliffs, so make sure you capture them! The tide comes at the end of the day around 5-6 pm, and if you’re wearing a long, sheer dress, dip into the water for a magical effect. We recommend wearing something casual for this shoot.

Best Time: 4 – 6 pm

Dress Code: casual and formal outfit.

Entrance fee: IDR 500K

3. Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake is located in the highlands north of Bali. In the morning, the temperature of this area can reach 16-18 degrees Celsius. You will be traveling from Denpasar for 2 hours and the best time to take pictures is at sunrise around 6 am. You can also find beautiful forests around the lake with several large trees hundreds of years old as another photo spot. We recommend a dress code for a pre-wedding photo session at Tamblingan Lake light clothes to wear to make it easier to move from one place to another.

Best Time: 6 – 9 am

Dress Code: Semi-formal suit paired with a light dress or casual outfit.

Entrance fee: IDR 700K for boat rent

4. Balangan Beach

balangan beach
Coast photo created by diana.grytsku –

Bali certainly has impressive rice fields, beautiful beaches, and magical jungles, but it was just that last year! Dramatic clip tops time!

Balangan Beach is ideal if you want to wow with your pre-wedding Bali photoshoot. It offers stunning ocean views that look even more spectacular and add more character to your photos.

Some couples even choose this as their intimate wedding venue because it perfectly accommodates your extraordinary little circle.

You’ll be sitting on a cliff, and your photographer can capture stunning angles that make you look like you’re hanging off the sea. Balangan Beach is also a surf paradise so you can expect giants as a backdrop – nothing more stunning than your photos!

Best Time: 4 – 6 pm

Dress Code: Semi-formal suit paired with a light dress or casual outfit.

Entrance fee: IDR 750K

5. Tukad Unda

tukad unda
© I Putu Adheswara |

Unda River is the longest river in Bali; locals call it Tukad Unda. Many brides-to-be choose Tukad Unda as a place for their Bali photoshoot because, in Tukad Unda Klungkung, there is a dam flowing through the river, which looks like a curtain of water. You have to prepare an entrance fee of IDR 300K and IDR 25K per child as a cameo in your picture to get the best photos here. Located less than 1 hour from Denpasar city, Tukad Unda is one of our recommendations for doing a Bali photoshoot.

Best Time: 4 – 6 pm

Dress Code: Semi-formal suit paired with a light dress or casual outfit.

Entrance fee: IDR 300K and IDR 25K / Child

6. Campuhan Hill

campuhan hills
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Near the center of Ubud, there is a place that can be a glimpse into your backyard. Campuhan Hill is located at the back of Ubud, between two rivers that run along the hill. You can enjoy the fresh air, green straw along the way, and sometimes mist in the morning. The best time to take pictures here is between 6 am till 8 am; the ambiance and sunrise are plentiful in the morning, it gets crowded afterward. Wear casual or light dresses and comfortable shoes as we’ll be walking a lot here.

Best Time:  6 – 8 am

Dress Code: a Casual or light flowy dress

Entrance fee: IDR –

7. Mangrove Forest

bali photoshoot
© Dmitry Islentyev |

This is our recommendation if you are looking for a nature theme Bali Photoshoot; here is mangrove forest. Bali’s mangrove forests have become a hot Bali Photoshoot spot, especially for local and international tourists. The uniqueness of the mangrove forest environment and its location close to tourist attractions in the southern Bali area, known for having the best sunset on the island of Bali. This mangrove forest has the two best times to do photoshoots.

Best Time:  Morning 8 – 10 am

Afternoon 4 – 5.30 pm

Dress Code: a Casual or light flowy dress

Entrance fee: IDR 500K

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