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Beach Wedding in Bali, some Tips to Consider

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Beach Wedding in Bali is a perfect wedding, isn’t it? It is pretty much wise choosing the Island of Gods as your sacred wedding destination. But of course, a perfect place needs a perfect plan.

If you didn’t know so much about Bali, some tips may help. There is almost no Plan B when the wedding is already scheduled. Everything about your beach wedding in Bali such as glorious sunset, ocean breeze, or calming tide can fall apart.

Without further ado, we have arranged some tips for you to consider. To be noted, you might need more tips than what we will give. “Sedia payung sebelum hujan”, like Indonesian said frequently.

Some Tips for Beach Wedding in Bali

Bali Beach by Photobylocal

Bali Beach (Photobylocal)

1. Choose the Right “Measurement” for the Venue

What we mean by right “measurement” is to choose the venue in accordance with the guest invited. There are various types of venues that provide a beach wedding ceremony in Bali. From a tiny exotic resort to a huge magnificent hotel.

You do not want it too big or too small according to how many attendees it would be, you want a right measurement. Even more, you want the exact venue of your ceremony—which is the beach-related venue—to be private.

From our perspective, your best bet for the exact venue is a luxury villa. The main benefit of a private villa is exactly that: privacy. Yet, it is still not a sure thing. Wasting more time to consider the perfect is a must.

2. Indoor-Outdoor Beach Wedding Balance

There is no question when we talk about Bali, we talk about the natural beauty of it. Therefore, outdoor wedding style might be your first thought. Nevertheless, you might reconsider that thought. There are many semi wedding venues in Bali that put some balance in both aspects.

Otherwise, many indoor venues in Bali built on the beach that give you protection on the roof, without walling you to nature. There are many semi-indoor chapels that give you every sense of a beach wedding without a hitch.

You might find your perfect wedding venue from our recommendation for Bali Wedding Venue options. If you consider a wedding chapel that gives you ocean views within its end corridor, you can also check our Bali Wedding Chapel Recommendation here.

3. Worry the Season

The main reason for you to consider about outdoor wedding ceremony is the weather. Especially for those of you who do not live in a tropical country, the season here is kind of unpredictable.

But worry not, since the booking of wedding venues in Bali is taking a long time, you might consider asking the venue owner about their Plan B if the weather is not according to plan. Most of them have both indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Some wedding venue packages consist of an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. Therefore, it might be your best deal.

4. Customize the Dress Code

Some of your attendees come to the party with high heels while your venue happens to be at the beach? Or your venue serves free-time for your guests to enjoy the beach while they do not bring spare clothes? A windy night at the beach but your friends leave their jacket in the room? Better customize your party dress code in accordance.

5. Choose the Evening Beach Wedding

There is no doubt that evening is the best time in Bali. Sacred beautiful sunset as ceremony, then spirited reception party with fireworks and fire dance. Complete balance. That is your ultimate beach wedding in Bali.

6. Mixed-Menu, Memorable but Safe

Holding a wedding ceremony without traditional Balinese cuisines on the menu is such a waste. Every aspect of Balinese culture is wonderful to taste. But play it safe, since appetite is never identical. Choose a mixed-menu between Balinese traditional cuisine with some modern ones.

7. Choose the Expert Organizer

Choose the Expert Organizer for Your WeddingPerfect venue is nothing without an expert organizer to manage it. Your best bet is the organizer team that is provided by the venue itself. The reason for this is to maximize every facility on the venue they have known very well.

But worry not, third party wedding organizers that have expertise in Bali’s popular venues are that hard to find. Bali is a well-known wedding destination, anyway.

Expert photographer’s agency is something very important as well. There is no meaning to a memorable wedding ceremony, without an expert hand to eternalize it. A very clear communication between you and your photographers is certainly needed. So they can help you to envision what kind of dream wedding you are willing to make.

Worry not, Photobylocal is there for that purpose. Let us know about your dream beach wedding here, so we can materialize your perfect wedding in nothing but perfect photos!