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6 Casual Prewedding Outfit Ideas to Escalate Yours

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Either you are a simple couple, or an unorthodox yet classy one, a casual prewedding outfit might be the dress of your choice. Because casual might be your very niche, but it is a prewedding photo session, you need a meaningful one.

So you need an idea for a casual prewedding outfit that still makes a difference from your ordinary couple photo. And here we are, serving you our ideas of casual prewedding outfit that are going to escalate your once-a-time photo session. From our very own Photobylocal portfolio!

Casual Prewedding Outfit Ideas!

1. Sunset Coffee Milk: Sunset Casual Prewedding

Sunset Casual Prewedding

Light-Brown for Sunset Setting (Photobylocal)

Coming from a tropical country may make you unaware of how beautiful the sunset is. And to tell you the truth, no beach or hill needed to manifest the sunset into your prewedding photos.

All you need is a great photographer, perfect timing, and a set of suitable outfit to match the sunset. For that purpose, we suggest you use light-brown as your main color. Any kind of dress will do.

The light-brown color is not going to kill the sunset ambience, but still makes a little bit of contrast. Match it with a straight plain black or white attribute in pants, shoes, or others to take a little bit of attention for your figure.

2. Colorful Pattern: For Indoor Setting

For Indoor Setting

Colorful Patter for Indoor Setting (Photobylocal)

The idea of wedding is not making two entities into one, but more than harmonizing through the differences. That idea makes a colorful pattern—despite being the most common casual prewedding outfit—still a wonderful idea.

Using the same colorful outfit with different patterns works best for indoor prewedding photos. This kind of outfit commonly contains your sweet memories of dating. Indoor settings make it easiest to set the light and negate a little bit of difference between the colors.

3. Funny Yellow: Bring Happiness Vibe

Bring Happiness Vibe

Choose Yellow More Happiness (Photobylocal)

Casual prewedding outfit is pretty uncommon. Then you have an idea to make it more uncommon by adding a funny moment in it. Taking weird yet funny poses in a convenience store, market, or another uncommon prewedding spot? Your best color is Yellow!

Believe me, there is a valid reason Spongebob is Yellow. Pair it with a simple blue jean, cheerful polo, short, waist bag, backpack, or other uncommon attribute for prewedding.

4. The Helena: The Red Casual Prewedding

Red with Black or Grayish Background (Photobylocal)

Red with Black or Grayish Background (Photobylocal)

You might be a casual person outside, but there might be an emo part of you inside. Then there is no better color for you than red. A plain red shirt with black trousers for the man, and plain red one-piece for the woman. Additional attributes like rose or shawl will do.

The main trick of this kind of outfit is the venue. You need a spot with dominant black or dark-gray ambience with it, either indoor or outdoor.

5. The Shelbys: Vintage Casual Prewedding

Vintage Casual Prewedding

Birmingham Oldschoolers with Black, White, and Grey (Photobylocal)

Dressing like a modern Birmingham Oldschoolers will never fail. There are so many options available for the male that consist of black, white, and gray. Whereas the female can add more color that is still grayish.

Plain white shirt, black trousers with straps, black loafers, and a flat clap is the base code. Additionally for both male and female, you can bring a blazer or waistcoat that you do not need to wear, adding some more casual vibe. Do not forget a vintage venue for this kind of outfit.

6. Married on the Road: Put on Your Leather Jacket

Put on Your Leather JacketWho would have thought a leather jacket and one-piece dress could give a unique match for a prewedding. With that being said, if you are into motorcycles like Harley, Triumph, or Royal Enfield, bring it up.

You can use your actual riding outfit for the male. Or even match some casual outfit with your leather jacket just like the female. Bring your marriage vibe to the road!

There are our ideas for your casual prewedding outfit for you to apply. Ideas are something that always unfold to other ideas. For that matter, you may have other new ideas while reading this or other articles.

And for that matter, choosing the right photographer to execute your unique idea of prewedding session is very important. Photobylocal can provide you as much, just like we did with other couples in this very article.

Tell us your idea of casual prewedding here, so we can make it out!