7 Best Ideas of Family Photoshoot in Bali You Should Try

Journal by PhotobyLocal

A photo can capture a beautiful moment. For decades, family photos have been used as beautiful keepsakes to preserve your precious memories. Bali is known for many beautiful photo spots used for family photoshoots. A family photoshoot should be a fun event that brings everyone together. If you want to do a family photoshoot in Bali, it’s good to consider some family photoshoot ideas.

Families are dynamic, and each requires a slightly different approach. Bringing the whole family together is a great way to challenge us. If you are still confused about posing for a photoshoot, check out our getting started guide below for advice on creating the perfect photo day.

Our Hands – Family Photoshoot

Layer the hands of the family. This photo will give the impression that a head of household will protect his family. You’ll love looking back on this photo for years to come.

Picnic – Family Photoshoot

The concept of a picnic is exciting to do. You can picnic on a vast expanse of green grass like at Bajra Sandi Monument, Renon. Don’t forget to bring a cloth mat as your seat on the grass.

Baby – Family Photoshoot

Admiring the baby is a moment you’ll want as a keepsake. This photo will be a treasure when your child is an adult. Put this in the list of family photo concepts that you will do.

Matching hat – Family Photoshoot

Focus on matching hats for a unique take on the classic family portrait. We love putting the cute hat on the tiny baby too!

Playing doll – Family Photoshoot

You can bring your little baby’s favorite toy as a cute accessory for your photo.

In Focus – Family Photoshoot

Perfect for when you want to feature the littlest and newest part of the family. Your child will love how they are the center of the photo, but they will love to look back and see their parents at this moment.

Lifting Baby – Family Photoshoot

Make the baby fly like an angel. This baby lifting expression is so cute. taking the right background photos will add to the cuteness of this pose

You can use those ideas as a reference when doing a family photoshoot in Bali. Before doing a family photoshoot, Photo by Local love to sit down with you and customize the photo according to your family story. Remember, the family photoshoot is lovely keepsakes to preserve your precious memories.