We’ll explain a bit about our style, values, and approach so we’re on the samepage.

For us, simplicity can provide more value. A full background is distracting. Natural light from the sun is our best friend.

What we need from you is trust — let us be friends who put you at ease and really see the real you. Be yourself, you who are silent, calm, gentle, or you who are cheerful and full of laughter.

No need to worry about your face, hair, etc., all you need to do is be there and enjoy the moment with your partner.

The work that we produce is the result of a collaboration between us and you, which describes you as a couple and us as the producers of the work.

If you feel in tune with us, let’s compose a story, together.


We are based in Bali, but we love to travel.
We’re lucky enough to have traveled a lot during this time for all kinds of our works. Our work seems particularly effective with destination weddings because our clients (the couples) can share the experience with anyone who couldn’t make the journey.

We are very open to any kind of discussion, you can freely ask us and discuss the date and location of your session with us in advance.
Then for booking dates, a 50% non-refundable Down Payment is required.

Currently, we accept all kinds of needs but our specialists are in pre-wedding / couple sessions, we want to give the impression of being comfortable, relaxed, and as natural as possible when you do a photoshoot with us.

Our rates do not include location fees, site entrance fees, and Makeup Artists. If the session is held outside the city of Bali, Jakarta, or Yogyakarta, the transportation costs are also not included, but we are happy to share a car or we can take public transportation together

After making a down payment, we will be happy to meet you, in a virtual meeting or it is even better and more lovely if we can grab some coffee together!

Less is more, simplicity can provide more value. The values of our work are simplicity and honesty. We can provide location options for you to choose from. We have curated the location options that we have prepared, so we can maximize the final result.

We want you to be comfortable moving around during the photo and video sessions, because for us, we believe in “As Simple As Possible” so you can be yourself. With that in mind, we don’t do sessions in dresses that make it difficult for you to move. However, we are very open to various types of clothing and customs. We will also provide a wardrobe guide that is appropriate and in line with the theme and location of the session.

We try to give our best during the editing process, the final result will be provided within 2-3 weeks after the session. But if there is a special need, this can be discussed with us.