Indoor Prewedding in Bali

Indoor Prewedding, Best of 6 Unique Venue in Bali

Journal by PhotobyLocal

Looking for an indoor prewedding set in Bali with some uniqueness? We will cover it for you. There are various reasons to choose indoor as your prewedding set. Indoor prewedding gives you a more intimate vibe.

Also technically, it will be easier for both you and your photographer to get the best photo out of it. No need to worry about the weather, wind, and other technical issues.

Furthermore, even Bali is best known for its nature attribute, some indoor prewedding set in still got some uniqueness to consider for your sacred declaration. Without further ado, here are the best of 6 unique indoor prewedding in Bali.

Indoor Prewedding

1. AYANA Resort and Spa, Jimbaran

AYANA Resort and Spa

Tresna Chapel (AYANA Resort and Spa)

Let’s begin the list with a modern theme of indoor prewedding set. Tresna Chapel of AYANA built on classy modern touch within sea views at the end of the corridor. Sea is the most important point of Bali as it represents the symbol of life and fertility in traditional views.

Beside indoor prewedding, AYANA also comes with a complete set for the ceremony and reception of your wedding itself. Honeymoon? Say no more.

Including the chapel, AYANA comes with 5 different sets for wedding packages. A pavilion also with sea views, an indoor modern venue with a traditional touch of rice field views, or two big ballrooms for more capacity.

For more detail of AYANA Resort and Spa, click here. And if you put more interest in Bali Wedding Chapel, see our recommendation for it.

2. Hideout Bali, Karangasem

Hideout Bali

Hideout Bali (Instagram/@Hideout Bali × Eco Bamboo)

If you are more into the traditional and natural approach of a prewedding spot, there is no better option than Hideout Bali. It is a set of bamboo houses surrounded by a river and rice field, comes with hospitality in bistro, stylish design, quiet area and the animals around.

Hideout Bali gives your prewedding photo an adventurous vibe of Bali rural parts. It is an experience of the old Bali traditions and values, to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

For more information about Hideout Bali, click here.

3. Rumah Luwih, Gianyar

Rumah Luwih

Rumah Luwih (Instagram/@Rumah Luwih)

For another vintage approach in colonial Indonesian theme, Rumah Luwih could be your destination for indoor prewedding. Designed by architect Hadiprana, Rumah Luwih mansion is filled with a simple and classic ambience.

Just like its name, “Luwih” give you “more” than a classic spot for prewedding. Rumah Luwih could be your prewedding vacation with home-cooked meals, beach, and another eco-tourism attraction.

Read more details about Rumah Luwih here.

4. The Bistrot, Seminyak

The Bistrot

The Bistrot (Instagram/@Bali Pixtura Photography)

Stepping outside from Indonesian-styled indoor preweddings, we have The Bistrot as our next recommendation. The Bistrot is a vintage restaurant & bar with a European style as its theme.

It is built from darkened brick as its background. Decorated with aesthetic vintage furnitures that would make your prewedding photo as unique as ever. Their delicious cuisine, wine and cocktails is what you would craved for after those delightful prewedding photo sessions you have.

You can click here to pay a visit on The Bistrot social media for more details.

5. Motel Mexicola, Seminyak

Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola (Instagram/@Motel Mexicola)

This very well-known Mexican style restaurant is colorful and mesmerizing as indoor prewedding spot . No wonder it is one of the most visited spots on Bali by tourists anyway.

From the wall, floor, to the furniture, everything about this restaurant comes straight from Tarantino’s film of late ‘60 Mexico. Consider Motel Mexicola as your prewedding trip, it will be the most psychedelic you will ever have.

Visit Motel Mexicola website here for more information about it.

6. Bodyworks Spa, Badung

Bodyworks Spa

Bodyworks Spa (Intagram/@Bodyworks Spa)

Our last indoor prewedding recommendation is Bollywood style Bodywork Spa. As suggested, this spa has a beautiful Indian architecture painted in pinkish-orange color and bronze furniture.

Bodyworks Spa have operated for over twenty years. It is heralded as the initiator of the day spa model that now is so popular in Bali. Blending premium service of spa with beautiful ambience within the building, Bodyworks Spa became popular for both healing and photoshoot.

For more information about Bodyworks Spa, click here.

There we have covered our best pick of indoor prewedding in Bali with their own uniqueness. Your next step is choosing the right person to handle the camera.

Of course, a good place means nothing if it is not handled by a good hand. Let us know how you imagine your dream prewedding photos here and let us make it come true!