Jakarta Prewedding at Lapangan Banteng

Jakarta Prewedding, Top 7 Urban Vibe Spots

Journal by PhotobyLocal

If you are choosing Jakarta Prewedding as your photo session spot, the reason is likely for its Urban Vibes as a metropolitan. You might be born, raised, work, or meet your mate in the middle of Jakarta’s hustle and bustle.

In conclusion, you want your prewedding photos vibe as aesthetically as Japanese City Pop you listen to late at night. For that very reason, Jakarta Prewedding is a wise choice. So here there are, our Top 6 Urban Vibe Spots for your Jakarta Prewedding that you can consider.

Jakarta Prewedding

Kota Tua, North/West Jakarta

The Old City Vibe

Kota Tua (Instagram/@matahatigraphy)

According to the name, Kota Tua brings the vibe of colonial Indonesia and became the main destination for more traditional Jakarta prewedding. But other than that, some spots in Kota Tua provide a strong ambience of an “abandoned” city.

There are so many outfit collections that can match many spots in Kota Tua. It creates modernized prewedding themes, with vintage, classic, or even hipster touch.

Jalan Surabaya, Central Jakarta

Antique Background

Jalan Surabaya (73photoworks)

A very well-known street as the center of antique goods, any stores on Jalan Surabaya could create one of a kind prewedding photos.

For all the antique goods that will decorate your photo background, we recommend you to not use any glamor or colorful outfit. Any simple wedding dress or casual outfit will do.

Lapangan Banteng Park, Central Jakarta

Jakarta Prewedding at Lapangan Banteng

Lapangan Banteng (Photobylocal)

A historic square in Central Jakarta that holds historic development of Jakarta itself in its foundation. There are many spots with sturdy backgrounds that manifest the city ambience. Even more, some spots could give you the West Irian Liberation Monument as a background.

In the right hand of a professional photographer, the vibe can be enchanted with sunset attributes. Vintage-themed, either formal or casual outfit, also recommended to strengthen the vibe.

If you are interested in casual prewedding outfit, we have some ideas for you to consider.

ASHTA District 8, South Jakarta

Futuristic Skyscrapers

ASHTA District 8 (Instagram/@ yosgran__)

Moving from the vintage urban theme, we have ASHTA District 8. The futuristic architecture of its skyscrapers have been buzzed as a marvelous photo spot since 2020.

Thera so many spots in the district that count as instagrammable. From the balcony with skyscrapers as the background, Wall of Art, to the brightful mall area.

Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, South Jakarta

Classic Jakarta Prewedding

Hauwke’s Auto Gallery (Instagram/@hauwkeautogallery)

When you look for Jakarta Prewedding recommendations out there, Hauwke’s Auto Gallery most likely on the list. No wonder, its uniqueness is one of a kind. It is a gallery consisting of almost a hundred classic cars.

It is the perfect venue for a variety of photo sessions including prewedding. Comes with colorful decoration with other facilities like makeup areas with mirrors and dressing rooms.

For more information about Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, you can visit their website here.

Glodok, West Jakarta

Prewedding at Glodok

Pasar GLodok (Twitter/@omdirects_)

The Chinatown of Jakarta. And as it is named, it is pretty clear what kind of vibe you will get by setting it as your prewedding destination. Some spots in the center of Chinatown, Petak Sembilan, or any Klenteng and restaurants, could create unique prewedding photos.

Glodok itself, as an urban village, is well-known for its instagrammable spot. Its authentic Chinese culture in its buildings and environment create a more magnificent ambience in the night.

Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, North Jakarta

Jakarta Prewedding at Sunda Kelapa

Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa (bridestory/@Menyala Visual)

The last spot in our Jakarta Prewedding recommendation is the industrial harbor of Sunda Kelapa. Playing a historical role in the city’s development, it contains various ships and a bit of containers creating a classic-industrial vibe around.

It is indeed an uncommon approach for beach prewedding spots. And a crowded one too. Therefore, a very talented hand is needed to make this spot a meaningful Jakarta prewedding spot.

As for what we have listed in our Jakarta Wedding recommendation, most of it is not even a common tourist destination as for what Jakarta is. Therefore, choosing the right photographer is clinical.

For that matter, Photobylocal can provide you just as much. Tell us your idea of urban-vibe Jakarta prewedding here, so we can make it out!