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Unforgetable Yogyakarta

Kristen + Mitchi

Unforgetable Yogyakarta Kristen + Mitchi Sunset at Parangtritis Beach

Some people say love is a funny thing, it comes back to me and when you love someone, your heartbeat beats so loud that’s what example of Cindy and Jason’s love story. Their love story was like a waterfall, Cindy and Jason’s relationship share the same harmony. In the wilderness, they found shelter from the downpour. And the mercy of love touches them from the above.

“In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine” – Maya Angelou.
Little Adventure in Ketandan Yogjakarta with Khansa + Samba Couple Sessions

Morning Medan Strool

Shinta + Attar

2 different people can be together when they are mean to each other, that’s what Attar and Shinta love looks like, they are share and learn every day and grow old together. They share smiles, love, and even philosophy. Their life was like a roller-coaster goes up and down. Their life sharing in the city called Medan, where they are met. Shinta are from Magelang and Attar are from Bogor, even they have different background they always and able to fill one and other in daily life and to the day going to come.
Traditional Yogyakarta Culture Capture Maya + Robin Hearts in Kota Gede

Yogyakarta Sunset

Yumi + Derek
One cannot believe year by year has passed after precious moments happened to tangle along the way. The journey was even meaningful with not only one person inside it but with the other half.

Sometimes romantic affection can be embraced anywhere and anytime. That’s how Derek and Yumi to each other. They in love and grow together they been together for 12 years and Derek told us every single day he can’t wait to wake up and see Yumi next to him.

The Couple enjoys Jogjakarta the under the shade of mesmerizing landscape, Yumi and Derek fall in love with the serenity Jogja has to offer. They feel matched with everything on the land, the sky, the ocean. Every spot is a beauty that both can’t resist.

Dawn at Jakarta

Eggie + Aris

We are couldn’t find the words to describe our feelings of all the beauty we saw. So we decided to photograph them. Aris and Eggie beautiful the way they are. Aris sees Eggie like he just sees a goddess walking through him every time he sees Eggie. They are loving and make fun to each other they photo show how their relationship, they are be strength for each other, they are loving, they are make fun each other. But the important is they are love each other.

Aris is a very caring person and will be ready no matter what they Eggie need him, They totally and complete each other.
“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” by Khalil Gibran that’s the best line to describe Joshua and Felicia situations. They been in relationship more than 7 years together and things are getting good. On couple sessions in Medan they are really enjoy and open about their relationship and respect to each other.

Medan Memories

Yuanita + Viktor
Viktor and Yunita, two individuals who can be a fun-loving adventurous couple with a closely matching oddball sense of humour yet some other time just crave chilling time and once-in-a-while traveling together. Yunita is the more social, outgoing one while Viktor is the more introverted, quiet one. The divergence of their attitudes evidently completes each other. They don’t make the differences such a big deal. Otherwise, they focus on their common interests to The key to living in a harmonious ship.
What is love?

We may usually equate it with chemistry, finding the one, soul mates. As it defines in the dictionary, love means a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. It also describes as a feeling of a warm personal attachment towards someone.

Debora and Fumi have proved us about the meaning of love through so many endearing memories that they shared for a long time, They been hardship and sunny day but that’s what makes them grow and become stronger than ever.

Yogyakarta Memories

Ola + Kryzsiek
Each morning they wake up and thank God of being in one another’s life. Being present for someone’s life has never been any better.

Krzysiek and Alexandra are young, easy going and spending their entire life in one of the amazing cities in the world, Poland. They shared happiness and knowledge to the world, for them it’s more than a life goal can share their story to the world and spread love to others they do not always mean to throw a big gesture just to prove how they mean to each other, They show us how to appreciate and be grateful to each other.